About Us

Our Farm History

Since the 1950s, our Nebraska family farm has been raising cattle, now spanning five generations. It all began with our great-great-grandfather planting his roots in Hooper, NE. His visionary approach to agriculture has shaped our operation into what it is today. Our great grandfather, Lowell, started a passion for feeding cattle in the 1950s. Along with our grandfather and dad, the passion carries on. Now we, Nick and Joel, have the same passion for raising cattle. Over the years, we’ve upheld our core values while adapting to changing landscapes and refining our methods of raising cattle to ensure their health and well-being. Respecting our livestock has always been our priority, understanding that their care directly influences the quality of our beef and the sustainability of our operation. Today, we remain committed to preserving our agricultural heritage through ensuring that our farm continues to embody the spirit of hard work, stewardship, and respect for the land and animals.

About Twisted W

In May of 2023, tragedy struck our farm when an EF3 tornado touched down destroying everything in its path, including our feedlot. Through the adversity of the tornado, a new chapter began for our family farm. Inspired by the resilience displayed in the face of destruction, we launched Twisted W, a symbol of our ability to weather any storm. With Twisted W, we honor our past while embracing the future by sharing our passion for beef with you.


Is your beef grass-fed or grain-fed?

Twisted W beef is fed a grain-based diet that is balanced with forages. This helps to ensure high quality beef that optimizes flavor and tenderness.

Where is your beef processed?

Our beef is processed locally at several butcher shops.

What is the best way to contact you?

Email us at twistedwbeef@gmail.com or find us on social media @twistedwbeef.

Where is your farm located?

Our farm is located west of Uehling, Nebraska in the heart of cattle country.

What is different about Twisted W beef from grocery store beef?

Our beef is aged to enhance the richness of the beef flavor. We provide a transparent product that is locally sourced from our family farm.